Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower is a not-for-profit was organized in 2013 with the state of Illinois.  The following three officers are fulfilling Illinois’ requirement for having a board of three.

You are welcome to contact them anytime with questions, comments, or inquiries about Millstadt’s iconic water tower. Additionally, you can meet them during their monthly meeting at the Millstadt Senior Center, which is one block south of the four way stop by the water tower.




Betty Keller Timmer is an officer with the Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower.

Betty Keller Timmer

Betty Keller Timmer

President – Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower

  • Life-long resident of Millstadt
  • Former member of Millstadt Township Board of Trustees, 1977-1985
  • Life-long member of Zion Evangelical Church. Former Sunday School teacher, and Church Council secretary
  • While working as a reporter for the Millstadt Enterprise, wrote many of the stories in Millstadt’s “Bicentennial Salute”, which piqued interest in local history
  • Member of Millstadt Historical Society

Reason for being a member of Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower: The Old Millstadt Water Tower is the most visible Millstadt landmark, and worthy of being preserved.

Linda Lehr is an officer with the Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower.

Linda Lehr

Linda Lehr

Secretary – Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower

Linda is a lifelong resident of Millstadt who previously served as Village Trustee and Village Clerk. She is a member of and has served in leadership roles in various civic and community organizations, including Millstadt Sister Cities and the Millstadt Chamber of Commerce. In addition, she volunteers for various community activities, fund raisers and projects. She is active in St. James Church in Millstadt, including service on the Parish Council and leadership for various committees, youth programs and projects.

Marianne Schaefer Marianne Schaefer

Treasurer – Friends of the Old Millstadt Water Tower

Marianne is a lifelong citizen of rural Millstadt, and has been very active in the Millstadt community for many years.  The Millstadt Chamber of Commerce named her the Community Person of the Year for 2019.  She is a member of Concordia United Church of Christ, and has served on the Concordia Church Council as the secretary.  She was also the first secretary of the Millstadt Historical Society, and is currently a member of the Historical Society, the Millstadt Sister Cities organization, is a volunteer for the Millstadt Meals-On-Wheels program, is a faithful Red Cross blood donor, and maintains some of the garden squares along Washington Avenue in Millstadt.  And, in her “spare time”, she has been a prize winning pie baker who has baked countless pies for Tin Man fundraisers.

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